Date: Jun 11, 2011
Document Type: Article

“Shared Parenting” is an arrangement where the children spend a substantial amount of time with each parent. Whether an arrangement is going to be in a child’s best interests, will depend on which factors under section 60CC of the Family Law Act apply in each particular case and the weight to be given to each particular factor. If children are under the age of 4 years (during the developmental phase when they are forming their primary attachments), shared parenting arrangement whereby the child spends significant overnight time away from his/her primary attachment figure, is probably not going to be a successful arrangement in so far as the child is concerned.

Parent/child attachment is important in determining what arrangements are going to promote the child’s best interests. Keeping young child away from his/her primary attachment figure for too many nights may have detrimental consequences for the child’s development in later years. Expert evidence in relation to this issue is often very important.

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