When should I make a will?

Date: Mar 01, 2008
Document Type: Article, Q&A

The simple answer is that it is never too early or too late to make a will, but the best time is NOW.

Everyone of adult age should have a will. Many people delay the matter until they retire.  Many don’t even do that much because, at any age, who wants to contemplate death?

However, these approaches defy the simple fact that life can be very random and the whole point of having a will is to be prepared – not for yourself, but for friends and loved ones. The decision should not be influenced by how much or how little you have; the quantity or value of your belongings is not the point.

What is also important is that the will is written properly and as up to date as possible.

You should certainly write your will – or, if you already have one, update it – whenever there is a personal or financial development in your life.  Marriage, separation, divorce, or remarriage, employment or redundancy, buying or selling a home or business, the birth or the death of loved ones, changes in your children’s circumstances, changes to estate laws – all these developments necessitate a will and, just as importantly, the periodic revision of that will, to make sure it still accurately reflects your relationships and intentions.

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