Witnessing a will

Date: Sep 07, 2011
Document Type: Article
A prominent Cricket fan wishes to make a will, but doesn’t trust anyone associated with the consortium for which he barracks to witness it for him. He therefore turns to some ex-schoolmates who play Aussie Rules at a nearby AFL club, but they are all busy preparing for cameo appearances on Channel 7’s hit television program “Dancing with the Stars” and do not have the time to meet with a blow-in from a rival code. With no other options available, the fan seeks out two Rugby League-playing neighbours to witness his will. One of these arrives at the meeting and appears jaded and scatty after another big night of substance abuse. The player signs his name as “Peter Pan” and then sets off to find Tinker Bell. Does the intoxicated player’s witnessing of the fan’s will invalidate it as a testamentary document?
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Witnessing a will
Date: Sep 07, 2011
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