You do not have to be rude or violent to collect a debt

Date: Sep 19, 2011
Document Type: Article
People often think of debt collectors as professional bullies or “stand-over” men who break debtor’s arms to make them pay.

Whilst these methods might occasionally be effective, they are usually highly illegal, and no self-respecting business would ever want to be associated with these sorts of tactics. 

The law exists to assist us to resolve our differences peacefully. In particular the law allows a creditor to collect debts forcefully but in a civilised way.

If you retain Craddock Murray Neumann as your lawyers we will use the law to your advantage. We will commence Court Proceedings, and if there is no good defence we will obtain judgment.   We will then enforce judgment by using one of the various methods which the Law provides.

If the debt is owed by a Company there are some methods which allow a creditor to commence proceedings without first obtaining a judgment. We can advise you on these.

The bottom line is that by using the law a creditor whose debt is soundly based in law has a reasonable chance of recovering their debt in a way that will not damage their reputation.

Legal Costs

We always keep an eye on legal costs when acting in debt recovery proceedings. 

We will let our clients know if we think they might be throwing good money after bad. There is no point in obtaining judgment against someone who does not have any means to pay the judgment debt. 

We advise our clients to the best of our ability, and then leave it up to them to decide how far to proceed. We do not encourage clients to take unnecessary risks in Court. If a client decides to go all the way – within the confines of the Law – we will be there for them.

Further assistance

For further assistance call Dominic Wilson, Managing Partner of Craddock Murray Neumann, on (02) 8268 4000.
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