NSW introduces Victims Support Scheme

Date: Jan 06, 2015

The NSW Parliament has recently passed legislation abolishing the Victims Compensation Scheme and replacing it with a new, updated version: the Victims Support Scheme.

The decision to revamp the scheme was announced on May 7, with Attorney General Greg Smith stating that victims of violent crime would receive faster and more effective help as a result.

The Victims Support Scheme has been designed to help those who have been affected by crime to deal with their trauma and get back on their feet as soon as possible.

It will focus "on giving victims assistance when they most need it," said Mr Smith, "with comprehensive packages of care to be tailored to their individual circumstances".

Counselling services, recognition payments and financial assistance are all included in the scheme. Such assistance involves covering relocation costs, medical and funeral expenses, and compensating victims for violence experienced and loss of earnings.

"For those escaping domestic violence, counselling and other support will enable them to establish safety and to recover, which is a great outcome for them and their children," said executive officer of the Rape Crisis Centre, Karen Willis.

"The new processes are designed to drastically reduce waiting times," said Mr Smith.

A total of $72 million is available to help victims of violent crime each year in NSW, and the government has promised it will go where it is most needed.

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