NSW government launches initiatives to stop domestic violence

Date: Mar 04, 2014

One of the biggest causes of death and disability among women in New South Wales - and an issue that family lawyers across the state are face on a regular basis - is domestic violence.

According to the New South Wales government, domestic violence costs the state's economy around $4.5 billion each year. The human cost, however, is much greater.

That's why "It Stops Here", a new Domestic and Family Violence Framework, has just been launched by the New South Wales government.

Minister for Women, Pru Goward, announced in a February 17 statement that it would go a long way toward "tackling domestic violence in Australia", which currently takes the life of one woman every week.

A total of $9.8 million has been set aside to fund the Framework, which aims to reduce not only the frequency of domestic violence cases, but also the amount of time it takes for victim support services to respond to incidents.

"The New South Wales government's new approach will mean victims have a single contact point - a specialised domestic violence worker - who will organise everything a victim needs," explained Minister Goward.

In addition to this, the Framework will cut some of the red tape that's hampering victim support services, as well as provide a "new centralised database" from which these services can be supported.

Orange and Waverley have been chosen as the locations of two new "launch sites" for "It Stops Here", which are expected to be up and running by the middle of 2014.

This is not the only initiative the New South Wales government has been working on to prevent domestic violence. Women NSW recently launched the Aurora domestic and family violence app, which has been developed for "people experiencing domestic and family violence or for those worried about their relationship".

It provides users with a wide range of useful information, such as emergency contacts, facts about the sorts of behaviour that constitutes domestic violence, and links to the victim support services that are available in New South Wales.

The app has been designed in a way that allows victims to use it discreetly, including tonnes of safety features so they don't have to worry about "tipping off" their partner. 

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