What happens when parenting orders are breached?

Date: Mar 20, 2014

According to the Family Law Courts, when a parenting order is made as part of a child custody arrangement, each person it affects must do their utmost to comply.

Sometimes, one or both partners may breach a parenting order. This involves: failing to comply with the order on purpose, or making no attempt to comply; preventing someone from being able to comply with the order; or helping someone to not comply with the order.

If you breach a parenting order, and you are found guilty of doing so by the Family Law Courts, you may be penalised.

The severity of this will differ from case to case, but it could include anything from attending a post-separation parenting course to paying a fine or being imprisoned.

On the flip side, if you believe your partner is in breach of a parenting order, you have a number of options. Your best course of action, however, is to get in touch with a family lawyer.

They can offer you family law advice on your rights and help you decide whether or not it's worth taking your case to the Family Law Courts.

The laws around this area of child custody are quite complicated, so it pays to get expert advice before you come to a decision.