What are court orders?

Date: Mar 28, 2014

If you are thinking about getting a divorce and have been conducting research on the subject, you may have come across the word "orders". 

While a family lawyer can provide you with more information on exactly what orders are and help you understand the divorce process, here is a quick rundown of them - and how they could affect you.

According to the Family Law Courts, orders are "decisions or judgements" made by a judicial officer. They can be made following a hearing with such an officer, or after two parties (e.g. you and your spouse) have come to an agreement and applied to the court to get it sanctioned.

Once an order has been made, each person it applies to must do their utmost to adhere to its conditions. Failure to do so without reasonable cause may lead to severe penalties.

When it comes to divorce financial settlements and child custody agreements, your first step should be come to a decision on your own. If this is not possible, you can then apply to the court to make orders.

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