New migration blog launched by DIAC

Date: Jun 09, 2011

Employers who are interested in finding out more information about Australia's skilled migration policy may wish to investigate a new publication from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC).

The department has launched a new blog to promote skilled migration and increase awareness about the various options available to overseas workers hoping to move to Australia.

In particular, the blog will focus on temporary and permanent employer-sponsored programmes - including the 457 visa program - as well as the permanent general skilled migration program.

According to a DIAC spokesman, the blog has been written with a range of visitors in mind, from members of the general public to peak bodies, journalists, government agencies and academics.

"We want communication to occur across a number of channels, not just in print media," the spokesman said, adding that other recent strategies to open up communication and education include setting up a Facebook page and a YouTube channel.

The department claims the blog will be updated regularly as it explores a range of immigration issues during the coming months.

"The department is committed to communicating effectively with the Australian public," the spokesman said.

Enterprise migration agreements, also known as EMAs, are the focus of the first blog post, which was published on June 7.

Set up as a policy response to the labour shortages in the resources sector, EMAs are available for projects that employ more than 1,500 workers and cost at least $2 billion to build.

Using overseas workers to address worker shortages ensures that all the deadlines on these projects can be met and construction is not delayed due to a lack of skilled workers.

To take advantage of the EMA program, project owners must demonstrate a genuine requirement for workers from overseas and efforts must be made to use Australian workers first, when possible.

If you are an employer wondering how to go about sponsoring a skilled worker - or if you are an overseas worker planning to come to Australia to take up employment - you may wish to speak with an immigration lawyer to discuss your options.

Skilled migration lawyers can give you an honest assessment of your case, help you determine which Australian visa is right for your situation and guide you through the application process so you have the best outcome of your visa being approved.

There are a number of advantages to using a skilled migration lawyer rather than an immigration consultant with no legal background. Your lawyer will know how to present the facts, argue your case and assist you through every stage of the visa process.