Immigration officials to offer advice in Alice Springs

Date: Jul 05, 2011

Immigration officials are set to pay a visit to Alice Springs next week to offer advice to individuals and companies interested in pursuing a skilled sponsored visa application, as well as a number of other issues.

Regional outreach officers from the Department of Immigration and Citizenship will be on hand to discuss a range of immigration matters pertaining to students, individuals, community groups and small business owners.

"While the department has a great deal of information available over the phone or on the internet, some people may not be aware of recent policy changes, or they may prefer to speak to officers face-to-face," a spokesperson for the department said.

One recent change, which took effect earlier this month, is an increase in the salary threshold for skilled sponsored workers making an application with a 457 visa.

The 3.9 per cent rise will see the temporary skilled migration income threshold increase from $47,480 to $49,330 in line with weekly earnings figures compiled by the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

Alice Springs employers may also wish to find out more about the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme and the newly-announced Regional Migration Agreements, which are sometimes referred to as RMAs and have been specifically designed to address local labour needs.

These will allow regional employers to negotiate concessions from other standard skilled migration avenues, including the 457 visa program.

RMAs have been designed to be a particularly flexible way of attracting semi-skilled temporary overseas workers in jobs where there is a significant need in the local labour market. These could include mining labourers, plant operators and locomotive drivers, among many others, according to the official DIAC blog.

Whether you are an employer looking for more information on sponsoring an overseas worker or you are looking to come to Australia to work, you may wish to discuss your various visa options with a skilled immigration lawyer.

A migration lawyer can provide you with information about the various avenues available for workers to come to Australia, including the different criteria applicants for temporary and permanent work visas have to meet.

Immigration lawyers can give you honest advice about the likelihood of your visa being approved and are able to help you through every step of preparing your application - including checking all of your support documents and other relevant paperwork before your details are submitted to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.