Amy Winehouse foundation could inspire others

Date: Sep 21, 2011

The launch of a charity by the family of late singer Amy Winehouse could be set to inspire others to follow their philanthropic example.

Mitch Winehouse - father of the Grammy award winning songstress - said his daughter had been through some tough times and that the foundation set up in her name would provide much-needed assistance to organisations that help vulnerable young people.

Launched on September 14 - what would have been the late diva's 28th birthday - the Amy Winehouse Foundation is set to receive most of its funding from the release of a single recorded before the soul musician's death.

Titled "Body and Soul", the piece features a duet with Tony Bennett and was recorded at the famous Abbey Road studios.

According to the 85-year-old crooner, Winehouse was in fine form during the session.

"We had a beautiful time recording together in the studio and I knew that Amy was very happy with how she performed that day," said Bennett.

In Australia, people interested in setting up a charitable organisation have many different options available to them.

Perhaps the simplest method is to set up an unincorporated association which can donate any profits to the directors' charity of choice.

The law surrounding the way in which a charity can be established – for example using a charitable trust - and the taxation of charities requires professional advice.

An estate planning process can give individuals an unparalleled opportunity to make philanthropic contributions in this fashion - either by donating a portion of their assets to worthy charities or setting up charities themselves that allow for the creation of new foundations that focus on areas important to them.

Giving back to society in this way can sometimes help to ease the grief of loved ones, who remember the deceased as a truly giving character.

Speaking on the launch of the charitable foundation in her daughter's name, mother Janis Winehouse said: "It is a source of great comfort to know that Amy would be proud of this."