Irish professionals show increasing interest in Australia

Date: Jan 05, 2012

The rising demand for skilled workers across a variety of trades in Australia is beginning to have a marked impact on the demographic Irish citizens interested in travelling to Australia.

According to a leading emigration expert, a growing number of older professionals are beginning to explore the opportunities available through the use of business skills visas.

Australia has proved to be a popular destination for many Irish travellers - with a common language, similar legal backgrounds and modern infrastructure proving to be powerful attractions.

That's not to mention the change in climates - while Ireland boasts a couple of beaches famed for their swells, such as Ballybunnion, Budoran and the Heavenly Cove, the temperature of the waves can leave a little to be desired.

It is for these reasons that student and backpackers from the Emerald Isle have come to Australia to expand their experience in the world.

Some chose to travel here to study - making use of the 573 higher education visa to study at the universities and colleges that support international students.

Others preferred to see the sights, applying for working holiday visas that allow them to gain employment to support their tourism activities.

Yet these trends are beginning to recede, making way for a new type of Irish emigrant - the professional ex-pat.

Emigration expert Edwina Shanahan has said noted that Australia is now serving as the destination of choice for experienced businesspeople with a history in management.

Shanahan wrote for the Independent on December 31: "We have recently noticed an increase in the number of business owners and senior managers from different Irish industry sectors who are looking abroad to restart their business careers."

She said that many of the new breed of emigrants are looking to Australia because it offers a range of opportunities that they are unable to find in their home country.

"Relocating and starting a new business at the same time can be a daunting prospect, but with little opportunities closer to home, it's an option that more and more people are seeing as feasible and logical," wrote Shanahan.

The expert also notes that by establishing a business that is beneficial to the Australian economy, many Irish citizens could have "the opportunity to apply for permanent residence to live in Australia indefinitely".

However, the submission process is subject to a range of requirements and fees - meaning that individuals who are serious about acquiring residency may do well to contact an immigration lawyer.

Because a migration lawyer can review the documentation before it is provided to the Australian immigration department, they can offer advice that may help to improve the chance of an application being accepted first-time.