International event focuses on Australia's skills shortage

Date: Feb 21, 2012

The troubles faced by Australian businesses in sourcing skilled labour in local markets will be highlighted at a conference to be held in central London later this month.

Members of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) will be hosting the event from February 25 to 27 and have invited over 1,400 professionals to attend.

The Skills Australia Needs initiative will help to showcase the international employment opportunities available to skilled workers who are interested in moving to the southern hemisphere.

Following on the back of a successful session in Dubai, this new event will feature over 45 exhibitors from a range of industries, including mining, resources, construction, engineering and healthcare professionals.

These key figures will be available to talk with attendees on the value of participating in a sponsorship program and the types of arrangements available.

Skilled workers considering the opportunities available in Australia may find that the assistance of an immigration lawyer is invaluable, as they are able to provide a range of important services that can help to ensure an application to the DIAC has the best possible chance of success.

In the past, this particular event has resulted in a number of employment offers being made during the actual event, as well as contracts being drawn up as a direct result of contacts made at the exhibition.

These outcomes serve to show just how important the contributions made by skilled migrant workers are to the Australian economy, with businesses struggling to source experienced labour through local markets.

With shortages across a range of vital occupations - namely those related to resources, mining, construction and medical fields - these events help to inform those workers sought by local firms of the opportunities available to them in Australia.

However, the limited number of spaces available at the conference means that the invitations were only sent out to those professionals listed with the DIAC that most closely match the needs of the exhibiting businesses.

Those that are interested in gaining sponsorship as a skilled migrant worker are still able to apply to the immigration department for the relevant visa.

A lawyer for immigration can be of great assistance in this process, reviewing a professional's circumstances and providing advice on the type of submission most suited to their needs.