Australian survey shows business confidence on the mend

Date: Mar 07, 2012

As lawyers in immigration are aware, one of the leading uses of skilled migrant visas in the country is to support the growth of local businesses.

Firms that are struggling to find a viable source of experienced labour can apply to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) to be able to sponsor international employees, giving them the right to live and work in Australia.

In times of improved prosperity, firms in certain sectors can often find themselves in a position where the local market just cannot keep up with demand for skilled workers.

In recognition, the DIAC makes avenues available for businesses to actively seek out professionals with a certain level of experience that matches their requirements.

A recent survey of over 1,800 Australian firms has shown that - for the most part - economic confidence is high.

The Sensis Business Index helps to measure sentiment across a broad range of industries by collecting data on the outlook of key decision makers and managers.

The latest results (March 6) show that firms across the country seem to be dealing well with the financial uncertainty experienced abroad - and in many cases are beginning to thrive.

Analyst and report author Christena Singh explained that while certain measures of business confidence were down on previous sessions, the markets were yet to see "anything like the low levels of six months ago".

"In fact, almost half of businesses are still aiming for growth, and many are planning business strategies to grow their business despite what they perceive are comparatively adverse economic conditions,” said Singh.

The survey found that 50 per cent of respondents were confident about their commercial prospects and that 29 per cent said they were not facing any troubles at all.

"We are also seeing fewer businesses looking to close or sell their business than six months ago," explained Singh.

By sector, health and community services were experiencing positive outlooks, while the building and construction industry demonstrated solid performances in employment levels and wages growth.

This could be a sign that businesses related to these areas could soon be experiencing a shortage in skilled and semi-skilled workers.

When exploring their options, it is important for managers to ensure that they receive sound advice from a reliable source.

An immigration lawyer makes an ideal choice when looking to hiring hire international staff, as they have experience with the DIAC requirements and are able to help a business navigate the legal requirements of the sponsorship process.