Student travel to Australia examined

Date: Mar 08, 2012

Why do so many international students choose to travel down under to pursue their tertiary education?

This was the question posed by writer Jane Vernon-Smith in an article titled Laid-Back Australia published in the March edition of Study Travel Magazine.

While the education system itself has many excellent features that allow them to compete on an international level, the reporter explains that it has as much to do with the cosmopolitan atmosphere and friendly culture exhibited by the local population.

Many international students choose Australia for their time abroad simply for the opportunity to practice their English skills in a supportive environment where their progress will be met with enthusiasm - and any mistakes treated with good humour rather than criticism.

On top of this, Vernon-Smith said that the climate plays a large part in the decision to travel to the island continent.

No matter where a traveller is from, it is almost guaranteed that Australia has on offer a change in weather from what they are used to.

Cold and rainy climate-dwellers may be drawn to the arid heat in the central parts of the country, while those looking for more tropical environments will be delighted with the rainforests in the north.

One of the more popular past-times for these travellers is water sports such as surfing - and Australia boasts thousands of kilometres of pristine coastline.

This makes locations such as St Kilda in Melbourne, Manly in Sydney and the Sunshine Coast near Brisbane ideal for these students - a trend that has seen thriving international communities form as a result.

These demographic actions have been supported in many cases with education and training services opening dedicated outlets nearby.

Once their education in Australia is completed, a majority of these travellers return back home to begin their careers.

However, notable amounts each year choose to stay - having fallen in love with the culture and possibilities the country has to offer.

Because these submissions can take time to process, it is important for these former students to ensure that they are filled out correctly first time - with all of the supportive documentation that may be needed to support their case.

Migration lawyers can be called on to help them achieve their goals - providing assistance with permanent residency applications to help ensure that they have the best possible chance of being approved by the immigration department.