SkillSelect promotions gear up as launch date approaches

Date: Mar 21, 2012

As the launch date for the new SkillSelect migration sponsorship program begins to draw near, more information is being made available on how the initiative will be able to benefit Australian businesses.

While the shortages experienced in the mining and resources sector have been widely publicised in recent months, the new system has been designed with a wider scope of industry applications in mind.

The basic premise of the SkillSelect program is that employers will have a dedicated avenue that allows them to access experienced labour from overseas.

While firms are still free to pursue their own international recruitment avenues, the new initiative will have a number of added benefits.

It will allow businesses that register with the program to review potential employees who have been pre-screened for factors such as qualifications, past experience, English language capacity and other important factors that can have a bearing on their employment prospects.

In essence it helps to connect skilled migrants with the firms that need them most, saving the companies involved valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent advertising the position overseas.

Of course as immigration lawyers know, the responsibility to these international workers does not change as a result, meaning that employers will still need to follow the usual legislative requirements.

The SkillSelect program will also help to streamline the application process by matching the number of available migration placements to incoming visa applications - making it a more responsive approach to international recruitment that can be made to fit industry needs.

It will also help international employees looking for a role that matches their skills and training - rather than waiting for a position to come to them, they will be able to register for an invitation through the dedicated website that goes live on July 1.

To help spread the word on how the scheme will benefit migrant workers and their potential sponsors, the Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) has begun hosting a number of events overseas.

Most recently, the immigration expo held in London presented attendants with additional detail on how the Standard Business Sponsorship program, Employer Nomination Scheme and Regional Skilled Migration Scheme will be able to align their skill-sets with the needs of Australian businesses.

In keeping with its commitment to deliver better access to international workers, the DIAC has also hosted similar events in Germany, Greece and Dubai and says it will be bringing the exhibitions to the US later in 2012.