Foster Care Week triggers funding for ConnectingCarers

Date: Sep 20, 2012

The New South Wales government and the minister for family and community services, Pru Goward has announced that the beginning of Foster Care Week will coincide with an extra injection of funding to ConnectingCarers NSW.

The extra $455,000 will be used for important support for foster care, including scheduled carer conferences, carer camps and 24/7 phone support line. This type of funding is helpful for carers and for children who have been the victims of child abuse or are the centre of a child custody case.

Ms Goward said that this extra injection of cash will go a long way to ensure that not only are children and foster carers heard by the government,but it will also guarantee that services are improved.

"We also want to make sure carers feel supported when they are at home, so we will be providing a further $14,000 to allow the fantastic Connecting Carers hotline to be available 24 hours a day.

"Foster caring is around the clock, and this service will allow them to access help and advice whenever, and wherever they need it," she said.

Next year a conference for hundreds of carers across NSW will be held with the accommodation and travel for regional carers covered by the government at a cost of $350,000. An additional $140,000 will fund the 24/7 helpline, whilst $91,000 will fund seven different carers and kids camps.

The ConnectingCarers 2012 conference will be a world-class event in Darling Harbour where carers will be able to hear from experts in psychology, parenting and health.

It comes as the ABC reports that there are issues surrounding the newest government reforms, which involve outsourcing child protection to non-government organisations.

The government announced in July that it would award $123 million to 38 non-government agencies to provide services for children outside the home. A recommendation in a report commissioned by the previous NSW government was to allocate out of home care to NGOs which the report said, was better equipped to support children.