Australian brides forgo maiden names for 'family unity'

Date: Jun 07, 2013

A recent survey has revealed that it is becoming more and more common for Australian brides to abandon their maiden names when they get married.

Conducted by Easy Name Change, the survey demonstrates that of the brides-to-be who responded, 94 per cent are planning to take their husbands' surnames on all official documents.

The once-popular double-barrelled surname is definitely losing traction, with just four per cent of respondents stating they would go with this option when their big day came.

In 2010, retaining one's maiden name was a favourite among women, with around 30 per cent of brides choosing to do so. Now, however, only 18 per cent of those preparing to walk down the aisle are looking to keep their names unchanged and intact.

So, why are such a huge number of brides opting to change their surnames?

Apparently it all comes down to "family unity".

When survey participants were asked why they had chosen their husbands' surname, the majority – a surprising 89 per cent - stated that "wanting the whole family to have the same name" was the main reason.

A total of 84 per cent said revoking their maiden names was considered "a sign of commitment" to their new families, while 75 per cent responded that it was the "traditional and ritual" aspects of adopting their husbands' names that made them do it.

"Modern brides grew up experiencing family breakdown in record numbers," said Easy Name Change director, Genevieve Dennis.
"While they are less likely to make it down the aisle, those who do are determined to make it work. Changing names helps make an external statement about family unity," she said.

Almost all people enter marriage hoping to create a unified family life for themselves.  This would usually apply to de-facto relationships too.

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