Is your marriage beyond repair?

Date: Jun 21, 2013

Everyone knows that married life isn't always smooth sailing.

If you hit a rough patch, this isn't necessarily grounds for calling it quits. You should always try talking your issues through with your partner or a counsellor before you throw in the towel for good.

It is important that you address any problems you might be having early on. If ignored, small problems can snowball into big ones.

There are many relationship counselling services available in New South Wales. In addition to these, Relationships Australia is a fantastic source of information and support if you're going through some tough times with a loved one.

However, if talking hasn't helped, you may want to consider getting a divorce.

According to the Law Society of New South Wales, the only ground for divorce is "irretrievable breakdown of the marriage". This is why making an effort to save your relationship through counselling is so important.

On top of this, you and your partner must also have lived separately for a total of one year.

If money is an issue, you can opt to live "separately" under the same roof. This can complicate divorce proceedings, so make sure you contact a lawyer and discuss your options with them.

It may be the case that a trusted friend or relative will have to provide evidence that you and your spouse were living separate lives under the same roof for that minimum one-year period.

You will also need to enlist the services of a family lawyer if you have children and there is a dispute about custody or support payments.

This is because the court can potentially put a spanner in the works of your divorce proceedings if it decides "proper arrangements" have not been made for children under the age of 18. 

The team at Craddock Murray Neumann has years of experience helping people through the difficult process of divorce.

We can offer you advice about the wide variety of issues that can arise during divorce proceedings and assist you with child custody agreements.

Any divorce financial settlements are also best made with a lawyer's guidance.

The Law Society of New South Wales explains that you can enter into a binding financial agreement before or during your marriage, or after your divorce is finalised.

For these financial agreements to be binding, both you and your partner must get independent legal advice from a lawyer before you sign them.

Either you or your spouse can apply to the Federal Magistrates Court for a divorce. If you would like more information, contact Craddock Murray Neumann today.