Australian pastor develops marriage app

Date: Jul 16, 2013

Mark Reilly, pastor at Camden Baptist Church, has developed an app that he hopes will help keep marriages strong.

Called Legend Husband, the app combines Mr Reilly's knowledge from years of pre-marriage and marriage counselling into one easy-to-use tool.

The inspiration for this app came to Mr Reilly following a discussion at a party, where he learned that many men don't know some of the basic facts about their wives, such as their shoe or clothing size.

"The idea took shape," said Mr Reilly in a July 15 statement, "plus I was able to use all the stuff I’ve done wrong over the past 18 years of marriage!"

Legend Husband offers a wide variety of functions, including the ability to note down important dates, such as birthdays and anniversaries, so that you never miss another one.

The app's video function allows you to record any goals and decisions you make as a couple or, as Mr Reilly suggests, messages of love so you can listen to them when the going gets rough.

In addition to this, the app contains an argument referee. Basically, you change the colour of the screen when it's your turn to speak - while it's one colour, it's your turn, and when it switches to another, it's your partner's.

This means (in theory) both people get to say what they need to say without being interrupted or having to yell over their spouse.

"We all spend time and money making sure our cars run smoothly, but many people hesitate to do the same for their marriage," said Mr Reilly.

"Legend Husband gives you some fun tools to do that, right there on your phone!"

While this app claims to solve your marital problems with just a few clicks, Australians with marriages that are currently on the rocks will know it's never that simple.

Counselling and tools such as Legend Husband have the potential to help you get your marriage back on track, but if you've tried it all and nothing works, separation is usually the next step.

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