'Have Your Say' about domestic and family violence

Date: Jul 24, 2013

The NSW government's 'Have Your Say' campaign, which is asking the public to make suggestions about proposed domestic and family violence reforms, has entered its final week.

These reforms are designed to improve how government agencies and non-government organisations in NSW respond to the issues of domestic and family violence.

According to the 'Have Your Say' website, these changes will make it easier for victims of violence to be identified and offered support. There are currently some obstacles in the way that prevent this information from getting to the right people.

In addition to this, the reforms should allow those "who work at the front line" to act more quickly and effectively when violence is detected.

Australians have until July 30 at 5pm to make their thoughts and impressions about these proposed reforms known, making a positive contribution to the state's laws.

Christine Foran, who is the acting executive director of Women NSW, says it's absolutely crucial that anyone with "insight" into domestic and family violence makes a contribution .

"We are particularly seeking feedback from workers and experts in the sector, survivors of domestic violence, as well as members of the general public," said Ms Foran in a July 23 statement.

She went on to say that the focus of these reforms is "violence prevention" and promoting healthy relationships.

Understanding the beliefs and attitudes that enable violence to occur in NSW is the government's best chance of coming up with a strategy to stop it from happening.

The online survey must be completed in one sitting, and includes 11 questions. These cover everything from intergenerational violence to groups that are considered to be at high-risk of violence.

Those who take part are also asked about their opinions on the concept of Safety Action Meetings and a Central Referral Point.

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It is important to remember that you are not alone. The 'Have Your Say' website reveals that the NSW Police Force recorded nearly 28,000 incidents of domestic and family violence in the 12 months leading up to March this year.

This statistic also demonstrates just how much NSW needs these domestic and family violence reforms - so make sure you do your bit and have your say.