Government helps older Australians sharpen their skills

Date: Jul 26, 2013

The government has announced that it will be putting $1.2 million into training courses for Australia's elderly citizens.

All those aged 60 and over are able to benefit from the scheme, which is part and parcel of a larger government initiative: the Productive Ageing Through Community Education Program.

This program is projected to cost approximately $4.2 million, and is aimed at getting older Australians to make the most of their twilight years.

It plans to do this by giving financial support to adult education providers and community organisations up and down the country, allowing them to offer interesting and innovative courses for the elderly.

Over 3,300 Australians will benefit from these training courses, by learning new skills and spending quality time with like-minded individuals.

Brendan O'Connor, Australia's current minister for skills and training, said the majority of this $1.2 million boost would go towards a variety of short courses, covering a diverse range of topics.

If you've ever wanted to sharpen your computer skills, you may want to sign up for the 'Technology for the Terrified' course.

Or if you'd like to get outside and enjoy nature, the 'Seniors in Saddles' course - which will see participants enjoying all that Mother Nature has to offer on the back of a bicycle - could be for you.

Other subjects Mr O'Connor said will be dealt with include health and fitness, as well as art.

"This is a great example of how the Federal Labor Government recognises the crucial role of seniors and is assisting to keep older Australians engaged and active," he added.

It is hoped that the elderly will not only discover new talents and skills through these training workshops, but also find opportunities to undertake voluntary and paid work, or further education.

As an older person, gaining knowledge and acquiring new skills is just one of the many ways you can make sure you're better prepared for the future.

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