NSW government launches bereavement service

Date: Nov 18, 2013

On Friday (November 15), New South Wales Premier Barry O'Farrell announced the government would be trialling a free bereavement service, which - along with estate planning - should help families to better manage the loss of a loved one.

It will offer advice and support to families who are trying to deal with government agencies following a death, and was developed after Mr O'Farrell received a letter about this subject.

Mr O'Farrell said "dealing with forms and certificates can be confusing at the best of times," but it's even more difficult if you're in the process of grieving.

"I hope this new service makes it easier. It simplifies the process and in doing so minimises the distress for partners, relatives and friends who have lost someone close to them," he explained.

One of the things this bereavement service provides families with is a checklist of all the government agencies in New South Wales they should get in contact with.

This will enable them to take care of tasks such as organising a death certificate, transferring the registration of the deceased's vehicle to another person and cancelling their driver's licence as quickly and painlessly as possible.

In addition to this, the bereavement service will offer advice on how to go about organising a funeral, and provide information about "what to do when someone you know has suffered a loss". Its well-trained officers can also point those who need it in the direction of other counselling services.

If you like to get in touch with this bereavement service, you can contact it on 13 77 88 or by visiting your local Service NSW centre.

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