Compensation Solicitor

When someone causes loss or damage to another person the law often allows the victim to recover compensation, including where:

  • someone suffers loss, e.g. loss of income
  • property is damaged
  • an agreement has been breached
  • someone is the victim of fraud or misrepresentation
  • valuable legal rights have been injured or interfered with
  • the government fails to carry out its legal duty
  • a trusted professional fails in their duty of care.

Compensation will usually be available where:

  • the guilty party is covered by an insurance policy or has substantial assets
  • the injured party can prove negligence – that the guilty party owes a duty of care to the injured party; or
  • the guilty party has breached another duty recognised by the law.

The law is technical in this area. At Craddock Murray Neumann Solicitors Sydney we have experienced Solicitors who can advise you of your entitlements, and fight for your right to compensation.

Please visit our Compensation Solicitor Sydney website for detailed information about our services in this area of law.

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