Defamation Law

Defamation is a complex area of the law, and one that is continually evolving as new technology, such as the internet, makes it easier for comments to reach the public domain.
Essentially concerned with protecting an individual against injury to their reputation, a defamatory publication or statement can take the form of libel (a permanent record of a damaging comment) or slander (usually a verbal or oral comment).
Given the subjective nature of many comments, the difficulty in proving “damage” to a person’s reputation, the technical nature of the jurisdiction and the high costs of litigation, you need an experienced lawyer who is able to provide skilled representation and who is prepared to advise you honestly on the risks involved. 
At Craddock Murray Neumann, our senior lawyers have run many successful cases for high profile Australians and others who have been damaged by defamatory conduct. 
We have represented sporting personalities, members of the entertainment industry, business people and politicians – people whose reputations are essential to their standing in the community and to their careers.   One of the keys to our success is that we strive to reach an early resolution in our cases in order to avoid what can often be a lengthy, drawn-out process.
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Date: Aug 08, 2010

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