Intellectual Property

The field of intellectual property is becoming increasingly complex. Businesses and individuals need to protect their right to intellectual property and understand the options available to them to do so.
At Craddock Murray Neumann we can assist with advice on protecting intellectual property and on reducing the risk of infringement. We also provide legal representation in the event of a breach of intellectual property rights.
We provide advice on:
  • copyright protection
  • patents
  • designs
  • trademarks 
  • business names
  • licensing and assignments
  • IT contracts
  • franchising
  • litigation arising from infringement of intellectual property rights 
  • confidential information
Further information
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Trusts and family law disputes
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Many family law disputes involve issues relating to various trusts. Family lawyers are often approached by clients who are either trustees and/or beneficiaries of a trust. Often their children and other family members are beneficiaries as well.

Can a family law dispute affect your company?
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