Negligence Law

Craddock Murray Neumann Lawyers has a diverse and expanding practice which delivers quality legal services in negligence law including:

  • “insurance declined” matters
  • negligence by professionals (such as medical professionals)
  • negligent injury to and interference with property interests
  • all other negligence claims.
Our highly experienced and accomplished lawyers are experts in this area who can identify the key elements of a case and assess whether or not the matter is viable. They take a personal interest in thoroughly preparing each matter using our ISO quality accredited systems. Our firm has established a network of professional contacts who can provide advice and assistance as required, and can call upon experts including engineers, architects, IT experts, surveyors, builders, and a wide range of other professionals to help develop, prosecute or defend a case.
One of the advantages to using Craddock Murray Neumann is the level of expertise our team has in the research and preparation of cases – therefore ensuring they have adequately covered all of the relevant issues and can identify the key points quickly and effectively. This preparation saves clients time and money and allows our team to predict the range of damages which can be recovered – something which is vital particularly if your claim is to be settled by negotiation. 
Loss and damages claims
If someone has caused you loss or damage we can help you to investigate your rights and recover compensation from the person who is legally liable.
We can provide you with legal advice and representation if you have:
  • a claim arising from a loss you suffer as the result of something which someone else should (or should not) have done
  • suffered loss as a result of the carelessness of another person – for example, a negligence claim
  • suffered loss as a result of a government department failing to carry out a statutory duty 
  • suffered loss because an insurance company refused to pay a claim .
We have many years experience in recovering damages payouts and enforcing judgments. In some cases, we will consider acting on a “no win no fee” basis - conditions apply.

Professional negligence

We have many years experience in acting for and against insurance companies and professionals in litigation arising from negligence by professionals.

Further information

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