Student Visas

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Appropriate Type of Student Visa

There are 8 types of student visas. The appropriate visa will depend on the type of course that you plan to undertake in Australia.

Type of Course
Corresponding Visa

Independent English Language Intensive Course for Overseas Students

Subclass 570

Primary school, secondary school or approved secondary exchange program

Subclass 571

Vocational education and training

Subclass 572

Higher education

Subclass 573

Postgraduate research

Subclass 574


Subclass 575

AusAID or Defence

Subclass 576

If you are a guardian of a student, you can apply for a student guardian visa.

Generally, you need to provide evidence of the following in order to qualify for a student visa:

1.    you are a genuine student

2.    you have appropriate funds to support yourself in Australia

3.    you have made appropriate arrangements for your accommodation

4.    you have sufficient English language skills to complete your course

5.    you are of good character

6.    you pass the health examinations

7.    you have an appropriate level of health insurance.

The kind of evidence that you need to provide will depend on your country of origin. People from certain countries, may find it easier to satisfy these requirements than others.

Student visas are subject to a number of conditions that limit your ability to work in Australia and dictate how much of the course you must attend. If you do not comply with these conditions it may result in your student visa being cancelled, which ordinarily prevents you from applying for permanent residence.

Warning: this page states the law as at 22.12.11. The law is complex. The law may have changed when you read this page. Contact us to confirm your rights.

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