Tax Law

What we can do for you

Our highly experienced tax lawyers can assist you with your tax problem wherever you are in Australia.

We can help if you are:

  • an accountant or lawyer seeking advice on a complex tax issue or a second opinion
  • a business owner faced with a tax audit
  • a company, partnership or trust needing tax advice or assistance
  • an individual not sure how to comply with the tax law

We provide commercial and practical tax advice in a way that you can easily understand.

We will represent you fearlessly to protect your rights. We are experts in identifying the key tax issues and dealing with them quickly.

Why choose us

Our tax lawyers have over 50 years combined experience in dealing with all aspects of tax, tax audits and tax disputes with the ATO.

With diverse backgrounds - as a tax barrister, at senior levels of the ATO, at “Big 4” accounting firms, with private and government tax legal practices - our team has the knowledge, understanding and expertise to assist you to finalise your tax problem legally and efficiently.

We will work co-operatively with you to provide a range of options and help you to resolve your tax issue quickly.

Meet our Tax Law team leader Leon Mahtani.

Tax Law Services

The range of tax advisory and advocacy services we offer covers all Commonwealth taxes including:

  • income tax
  • capital gains tax (CGT)
  • goods & services tax (GST)
  • employments taxes - FBT, PAYG
  • superannuation tax issues
  • business tax issues – including trusts, unpaid present entitlements, Division 7A, CGT “small business concessions” and roll-overs
  • Family Law tax issues

We can help you with:

Do you have a tax dispute with the ATO? Are you being audited or reviewed by the ATO? Need tax advice? Under tax audit? Call us for assistance now on 1300 123 529.

CMN Case Notes - Taxation Law March 2017
Date: Mar 08, 2017

In This Issue: TVKS and Commissioner of Taxation, Commissioner’s Remedial Power

CMN Case Notes - Taxation Law December 2016
Date: Dec 08, 2016

In This Issue - MNWA Pty Ltd v Deputy Commissioner of Taxation - Bywater Investments & Hua Wang Bank Berhad v Commissioner of Taxation

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